Part 1 – How to move on.
So we talked a little about becoming a creative entrepreneur, 
and my first business venture as a wedding designer. 
Perhaps it’s time to discuss where it was in that path to 
designing weddings as a career, I decided to 
stop and make a change.

I am an open book. My first year of business and with 
no real wedding design experience, I booked 15 weddings from
a single bridal show. My clients were ages 25-30,
middle class, and had great style 
and taste for design. I was happier than ever and so 
overwhelmed with the fact that brides had responded so 
well to me and my product (I was young and entrepreneurship 
was completely new to me). It was going great, 
I knew I was enjoying being an entrepreneur, I loved 
working for brides, but was decor really for me?  It really 
wasn’t and deep down I felt it. It takes a lot to step back 
from everything, look at your situation and think, 
I need to make a change. We always get so caught up 
in now that we tend to forget if ‘now’ is what is right 
for our futures. So I sold my inventory, finally moved out 
of the space we used for making flowers, and bought 
my first professional camera.

I started wedding design 
because I realized I had a passion and skill 
for it, but it wasn’t making me 100% happy and I was
not going to spend another day doing anything but what 
made me completely happy with my career. This all ended up in
being a huge lesson  for me and push into what I really was meant to do. So many
of my favourite entrepreneurs went through multiple business ventures
before finding the one that was right for them. This is something
we should all really comprehend. If changing your career, your business venture,
or way of life in general is going to make you a happier person, then do it.
Why would you do something that is not making you happy?