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If you don’t mind sharing your special day with a holiday then this is the post for you. I have been to my share of weddings on holidays and each time the guests and myself felt so warm and fuzzy being together on twice the special occasion!

Christmas Eve Wedding

Getting married on Christmas Eve is probably the sweetest thing ever. Christmas eve is a night for being cozy with the ones you love, and what better way to spend it than in a beautifully candle lit venue with everyone you love? The possibilities and creative ideas for a Christmas wedding are endless – imagine a room full of vintage Christmas lights and trees surrounding your loved ones as they celebrate your special day!

12-15-12 Kelli and Patrick Wedding University Club Chicago ©2012 Jennifer Kathryn Photography Photo credit required for all public use www.jenniferkathryn.com

New Years Eve Wedding

Time and time again you will hear that New Years Eve is over rated. Everyone wants to do something special but usually end up at home wishing they were out and about! Throwing your wedding on New Years Eve is awesome in so many ways, you start the new year out with a real band – you are married now! You also get to bring everyone you love together to start their new year with you and your special moment.


Valentines Day Wedding

… Well because, Valentines day! This is the ultimate day of love and the ideal day to have an anniversary as well. Some would say you end up having to share our anniversary with another holiday but what is wrong with that? The day of love becomes the day you tied the know. Sounds good to me! Everyone will be in the romantic and fuzzy mood of love and celebrating your special moment on this day is nothing short of beautiful.


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