Instagram clocks over 3.5 billion Likes every single day with a daily average of 80 million photos shared.  Even more important is that 60% of users log in daily, making it the most engaged social network after Facebook. This means two things:  that we are all small fish in a big pond and that the pond has a whole lot of opportunities for creating engagement.

If used in the right way, Instagram can turn a start up small business into a booming company in a matter of months. Look at Dock A Tot @dockatot for example A Swedish based business that has become a house hold name thanks to it’s amazing use of Instagram marketing.

Read below for some quick tips on how to best using Instagram to grow your small business

Write a short but captivating bio and have a great profile photo: 
You have only a seconds to grab the interest of anyone who enters your page and your profile photo and bio are the front lines to your account so make it count.

Post regularly: 
It is disappointing for a potential client to visit your page and see that the last post is from 5 days ago. Post regularly so they know you are running your business, keeping busy, and relevant. I post atleast once a day to keep my audience engaged. 

Share behind the scenes photos: 
Instagram Stories has not behind the world of ‘behind the scenes’ even better than it was. Not only can you share behind the scenes photos on Instagram but you can now share live feed of what you are doing on a daily business with your small business. 

Only share good quality photographs: 
Use a good camera, make sure the lighting is clear and that your photos are not grainy or blurry.

Partner with other brands with a similar audience: 
There are so many other small business just like you who want to use Instagram to build their brand, engage with them and collaborate. Find out ways you can share each others audience to build both of your following.

Be active: 
Like and comment on your followers photos, respond to their comments and engage with their Instagram accounts as well. Show your following that you appreciate their support.

Use Hashtags: 
Everyone checks hashtags. When I was getting married I was searching #torontoweddingphotographer #torontoweddingplanner and so much more to find vendors. Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags.

Blogging is a way to move the traffic you now have on Instagram on to your website/blog. Share relevant and meaningful information that your audience would want to know more about and put the link in your bio.

Take advantage of Instagram Ads:

If you have the budget for it, use Instagram Ads. I haven’t seen a social media outlet that has better connected small businesses to their audience in the way that Instagram has. 

Read more about Instagram and it’s business options at their link below:


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