A logo is the one piece of branding that will appear on all of your marketing material from Ads, to business cards, to your website, and social media accounts. It will be the single most recognizable part of your brand. Choosing a logo that is right for your brand is critical to building your small business identity.

Below I have organized some great information to get you started on choosing a Logo that works for you.

Type of Logo

– Illustrative (an image or graphic that illustrates what your business provides/sells)

– Typographic (words only i.e. Louis Vuitton)

– Graphic (a logo / symbol that represents your company i.e. Red Bull)

Hire a Graphic Designer or Do it Yourself?

There are plenty of professionals out there ready to innovate and create with you. Put aside a budget for hiring a professional Graphic Designer to create your logo so you do not end up with a DIY looking logo. These often look very primitive and can scare off clients who are looking for the services you provide. A professional will provide you with an identity package which can help you kick start your marketing material all in once place.

Take a look at what Media Novak has to offer https://medianovak.com/ – they offer awesome branding packages for creative businesses!


Ask yourself important questions such as: Who is my target market? What message am I trying to convey with my logo? How do I want make logo to make people feel? If you are in the make up industry and targeting women between the ages of 16 – 40 then you should consider what styles and colours would attract this audience.


I mentioned at the start of this blog that your logo will be on every piece of marketing material you print or share. Ensure it is versatile and can be used on multiple platforms without being distorted. (Think of how versatile Mcdonald’s Golden Arches are!).

Get Feedback

Show your logo to peers, family, and friends. Ask them what it makes them feel or think about when they look at it at a glance. This feedback is critical to finding out if your logo is doing what you want it to do for your audience!

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