My essential guide will help you choose the perfect wedding ring for yourself and your partner. You want to wear your ring everyday for the rest of your life so make it count! Follow along with my guide to ensure a seamless process for finding your perfect ring.

Shop as a Couple – You will save money (deals for buying both) and you will be able to match the style of your rings.

Choose the right Precious Metal – There are plenty of options of precious metals to choose from for your wedding band. Do your research to decide which metal is ideal for you, think of things such as, maintenance, style, and colour. The main five options are Platinum, Titanium, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold. My own preference is gold of any colour!

Choose a Shape – I always say try everything that you love first, but then, choose two shapes, write them down and begin trying these cuts with various jewelers. 


Get Insurance – Almost every jeweler will offer you insurance on your wedding ring. You don’t want to underestimate the importance of insuring your ring. In case a diamond gets lost or chipped (this happens a lot more often to couples than you may think!) or if it is stolen, a great insurance policy will cover repairing the damage or replacing your ring.

Love What You Buy – Self explanatory much? Follow your gut and do not buy a wedding ring unless you LOVE it! Just like your wedding dress, you will know when you have the perfect wedding ring wrapped around your finger. Once you find it, don’t let it go!

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