In every business, whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will come across an unhappy client at some point. It is an inevitable part of running your own business and because of this, you must know how to deal with it. As a Wedding Photographer, I know the importance of happy customers, 92% of people trust recommendations from a family or friend when buying a product or service. Essentially, without good recommendations, our businesses won’t thrive. 

However, even when you put in 100% there will be unhappy clients, maybe you did not take all of the photos they wanted on their shot list, or they misunderstood what they were receiving, perhaps they are simply unsatisfied with the outcome of their photos. Despite the reason for being unhappy, here are the best ways to deal with it: 


1. Don’t react first. Listen. If you put yourself in the clients shoes and truly care for their concerns, it is much easier to solve their problem. As soon as you get on the defense (please do not ever get on the defense with your clients) you then lose any chance at redemption and solutions. Chances are, if they are unhappy, they have a legitimate reason for it and it is your responsibility to hear them out.


2. Let the client lead to a solution. This is an awesome way to ensure your client does not have bad feelings towards your business after dealing with the problem. If you let them lead to a solution that you can both agree on, everyone will be happy. No company wants a bad review.


3. Learn from it. There is not much good that comes out of having an unhappy client, but like all things in life, an unhappy client will teach you a valuable lesson. Think about the problem that they had and how you can avoid ever having that issue with your clients going forward.  


Remember, bad news goes around much faster than good news. Working to make sure your clients have nothing bad to say about your business is essential to your success! Shine on guys and good luck out there!


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