Cover Girl revealed that 50 percent of women would choose mascara if they could only use one make up product. Lashes are the cherry on top and absolutely flawless touch to every make up look. For those of us not blessed with naturally thick, long, and dark lashes – there is a beautiful thing called Lash Extensions. 

Now, how can you get your lashes done when you know nothing about them? Look no further because below I let you in on some important Lash Extension details. 

– They are good for just about everything. Eyelash extensions give you an effortless glow making you always look made up, they are amazing for vacations, and one of the best ways to complete the perfect bridal make up. 

– You get what you pay for. You must have heard plenty of horror stories of terrible lash extension jobs and of natural lashes falling off completely with the faux ones! These are more often than not, a result of clients going to very cheap and inexperienced lash technician.  

– Lash Extensions are addictive. Once you get your lashes done and you feel the confidence and glow it brings to your everyday look, you won’t go back to natural.

– Maintenance is not easy but definitely worth it. You will leave your lash appointment with a maintenance kit and guide on helping them last as long as possible. This includes combing them daily, using oil free skin products, and cleaning them regularly.


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