Customer Service of the Servers – From the start of booking a venue we are only introduced to the venue receptionist and sales team. It is not until the wedding night that you will actually meet the staff that will be working your party, from bartenders to servers and waiters. Try to read reviews on the customer service of the reception staff. You can also visit the site during a reception, take a peak and get a feel of the vibe of the staff for yourself! Remember, if you and your guests are not treated great it will impact the experience of the entire event.

Be Creative  РThere are so many options and different styles of wedding venues out there. You can book a conventional banquet hall,  a golf club, art gallery, or even a barn. The options are endless and the more venues that you visit, the more informed you will be when you book your dream space!

Accessibility – The last thing you want is to have an accessibility issue at your wedding. This day is about your and your guests having a seamless and fun time, make sure your venue can accommodate any accessibility issues a guest may have. For example, if you have a guest on a wheel chair, make sure there is a wheelchair accessible means to enter the venue and reception hall!

Location and Parking – Think about your guest list and where most of your family and guest are travelling from when choosing the venue. Also consider parking and whether there is enough parking for your guests.

Booking a Reception hall in a Hotel – It is a great idea to have your reception at a hotel. Out of town guests can already book their space and venues often provide special suites and services to couples who book their wedding reception at their hotels. After your wedding night is over, it is a simple elevator ride to your room for the night!

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