With a market as saturated as Photography, taking good photographs is simply not enough for your business to thrive. Most photography businesses fail or shut down within the first few years and this is often due to a lack of entrepreneurship skills. There are plenty of ways to turn your talent in photography into a thriving business with plenty of paying clients. I am sharing a few that have worked great for me below!


Despite what any blog tells you, please remember that to be a successful businessperson you must be able to sell. The idea of being a sales person or selling has been associated with so much negativity but it is simply not true. When I meet a potential client, I explain to them why I am different from others photographers; I explain the experience they get when booking me, and so much more about my body of work. This is all sales and it is not a bad thing!

Use social media in direct and strategic ways

Social media opens up so many doors for businesses these days, we now have the ability to directly reach out to potential clients. Take Instagram for example, you can find newly engaged couples in your local area and contact them directly on there to offer your promotions and service. On social media you can also build your brand through photographs of your work and personal ones. Clients and industry vendors love to see behind the scenes and this can help grow your following significantly. Be consistent and have a theme, this way you can create brand recognition amongst your following.

Go after your potential clients – Don’t wait for clients to come to you

If you are sitting at home by your phone and hoping that a client will call you – you definitely need a new strategy. Find your ideal client by networking with local businesses, would your ideal client be in a yoga studio? A baby store? A Jewelery shop? Print flyers with a special promotion and ask other businesses to spread the word.

Creative Projects

This can seem intimidating when you are just starting out because most creative projects mean working with industry vendors. Remember, everything is scary in the beginning and you have nothing to lose J. Email other creative entrepreneurs in your industry with a similar style and pitch an idea for a creative shoot. Not only will you build relationships with others in the business but you will have awesome photographs to show for it as well.

Do Trade Shows – Bridal Shows / Baby Shows  

This is one of the most important tips that I can give. If you are a wedding photographer, invest in a wedding show, if you are a new born photographer, invest in baby shows. These are opportunities to get face to face with your client who needs your services! I couldn’t express a better way to market your services than a trade show. Granted, it takes financial investment (renting a booth + designing a good quality booth) but there is no better way to get talking to your potential clients than a trade show full of them looking for you!

Start A Referral Program

Offer vendors, families, and friends an incentive for referring you to clients. Let them know that if they spread the word and if it leads to a booking, you will provide them with an incentive of some sort. Be creative and offer what works best for both parties.

Constantly Update Your Website and Blog – SEO!!

SEO is a word that scares almost everyone, and up until a few months ago, it even scared me! I thought SEO meant learning to code and having a tech savvy person come in and magically get my website on the top of peoples Google searches. Wrong! If you have a blog, there are many great plug-ins that you can use to bring your website/blog to the top of search engines. Use keywords, tags, and so forth.


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