This is a photo I took last summer at my favourite
location to take couple shots – University of Toronto.
Each college on the campus has it’s own timeless
elegance that I just don’t feel in other locations.
Well, maybe it is because I have a personal
connection to the campus – I met my husband there:).

My last post was last week, it has been a hectic time
for me. As you know, balancing my full time
corporate career, shooting and learning with
Mango Studios, and building my own business –
Muse Moi Studios does take its toll. However, I
am still enjoying every minute of it. This
past weekends wedding was 12 hours of
non stop shooting and the photographs
I took had me up all night in awe of how
much my skill and confidence has grown in
the past 12 months. I am really looking forward
to hooting another 12 hour wedding next weekend,
and another after that! Then, I take 2 weeks off to
fly away somewhere warm, relaxing, and free.

I know a lot of you are juggling full time jobs and your
true passion at the same time.
What is that passion for you?
How are you going to turn that into your full time job?
Let me know, leave a comment xo.

Can’t wait until the end of May to share my other big news with you:). Stay tuned.

love, yasmeen.