Looking over my last few posts, I realized how
transparent I have been. I like it that way,
I mean, if I am going to share about my
story than I might as well be honest about it.

The last few days have been super busy. Bouncing
between two jobs, trying to manage my own
business as a photographer, working out
daily, and caring for my own house hold –
is not easy. Women work hard. No matter
what we do for a living outside of the home,
most often than not, the work inside the
home largely falls on the woman’s shoulders.

Now, back to the reason I am writing this post: Sharing.
I want to share as much about my life with you.
This Saturday I am shooting a wedding that
has three different locations to shoot at!
I can’t wait because they are some of my
favourite locations, Four Seasons and Casa
Loma amongst them. I am shooting with
Mango Studios. I am super grateful to
be working with Mango. Working
and learning alongside the best in the
industry is an amazing thing and as
entrepreneurs we cannot take experience for
granted. It is all about experience – that is what we are selling.

Do you shoot everyday?
Grab your camera, go outside, stop a couple, and ask to
take their photos. Surprisingly, a lot of people would be glad to.

The only way to accomplish something, is to actually do it.

ps. I have some news for you soon.