Going to my routine ultra sounds with my OB was a great experience, I mean, what is more amazing than seeing your own baby grow in your womb? I realized, there really is something more amazing than those ultra sounds, and that is the 3D/4D Ultra Sounds that are now available for mama’s to be like myself.

I recently visited A Date with Baby located on Yonge street between Lawrence and York Mills (one of my favourite streets to stroll and shop at). I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot photographs of their brand new and cozy studio but the best part was seeing my baby boy’s face so clearly for the first time!!

His hands, feet, and all his features were so recognizable that I could tell what features he got from his daddy and from myself! It was amazing. Zeynal, the owner of the studio was patient in making sure we got the perfect images and we sure did get the perfect images!

Check you their website for more  at www.adatewithbaby.com/

a-date-with-baby-proofs-10-of-11 a-date-with-baby-proofs-6-of-11

a-date-with-baby-proofs-2-of-11 a-date-with-baby-proofs-4-of-11

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