A lot can go wrong on a wedding day for both the beginner and experienced wedding photographer, what is important is how prepared you are to put out any fires! The stakes are high for a wedding photographer as there is only one chance to capture and create your product as the day fly’s by you. Read the top mistakes every beginner (and even experienced) photographers make and how to avoid them.



Every single successful photographer started from a place of inexperience so don’t feel bad if you have no experience, but make sure you get some. Before shooting a wedding for a paying client, you should have already shot atleast 3 weddings with an experienced photographer. This experience is essential to successfully capturing a wedding. There are a lot of bumps and hiccups behind the scenes that only experience can prepare you for.


Messy Group Shots

Group shots can be very overwhelming. There can be anything from 5 – 50 people waiting for you to capture them perfectly.  Make sure you are using a wide lens, have everyone in the frame, place the most important people in the front, and check your camera to ensure there are no closed eyes or messy poses.


Over exposed photos

This is a common mistake made mostly by beginners. Over exposed RAW images may be edited however, nothing can compare to taking a perfectly lit photo from the get go. Ensure you are constantly looking at your photos after you take them so that you can adjust these mistakes as they happen. A good example for when an over exposed photo can go terribly wrong is with the wedding dress. The details can easily be washed out and you have an image with a blob of white. Considering the time and money that brides put into their wedding gown, this is a mistake that you cannot afford to make!


Not being prepared in terms of equipment

I cannot express how important this point is. There are tons of videos and articles online about the essential gear for a wedding photographer (to successfully shoot a wedding) – go watch them, read them, and take notes! You must have a full frame camera body, at least two lenses, extra batteries, and back up memory cards to name a few. See one of my favourite wedding photographers YouTube channel at the link below to find out how you can prepare equipment for a wedding.




Messy Backgrounds

A beginner photographer can easily miss noticing distractions and messy things in the background of their frame. You are likely overwhelmed with shooting the subject to notice what is going around behind them – but being overwhelmed or a beginner is no excuse! Unless you want to be sitting in front of your laptop editing out distractions in a messy background, I recommend that you clean up the background or move your subject to a spot with a clearer backdrop.


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