5 Tips to Photograph Beautiful Wedding Details

Did you know that one of the keys to getting a real wedding featured in a magazine or blog is in the types of photos you take, not just how great the photos are? Now days, magazines are requesting for 75% of the photographs you submit of a real wedding, to be of the details. That leaves 25% for shots of people (including the bride, groom, wedding party and so forth!).
Basically, what that means is, DETAILS MATTER. Here are my tips on capturing wedding details as if they were right out of the pages of your favorite editorial.


Think Advertisement. When shooting details you have to see yourself as a sort of sales person for that product, you want to sell it. If it is a pair of Vince Camuto shoes, think like Vince Camuto. How would he want this shoe captured? Take a look at the pages of magazines, look at ring, jewelry, bridal gown, shoe ads and observe how they capture the star detail for publishing. This will help you focus on capturing the subject of your photo in the best way.



Natural Lighting. I was once a guest at a wedding and noticed the photographer shooting photos of the wedding bands in a corner of the venue. This corner had unflattering orange light, no natural light at all, and was just plain ugly. Find the most flattering light, usually, this is by a window with beautiful natural light glaring in. Shoot your details under natural light by all means necessary!



Background. Please make sure you are not just shooting the details at just any convenient spot you find. Take the extra few minutes to scout the location you are in to find a perfect place for the detail shots. Recently, I shot a wedding where the bride’s hotel room was cluttered and did not have great furniture to shoot details on. I went through the entire hotel (almost) until I found a stunning white leather chair. I dragged the chair to a near by glass door, and shot my details right there! Trust me, it paid off.



Consistency. Shoot your details against either the same background or similar backgrounds. Think of your detail photos as a series of photographs that will end up in an album together, you want the photos to compliment each other!



Make a list! Prepare a list of all of the ‘Must Have Detail Photographs’ that you need. You can find plenty of these lists online, make sure to keep this handy so that you don’t miss any important details that can be a part of your couples story.



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