Five Bridal Shower Themes and Ideas


Bridal Showers are a unique opportunity to have an awesome time before your wedding day and to also share a piece of your personality with the ladies closest to you. There is a perfect Bridal Shower Theme for every bride and I have highlighted the best 5 below. If any of these click with you, get planning!


1. Getting Pampered Shower – As a bride, you deserve more than just a spa day. After what has been likely more than a year of planning, you need that massage, facial, mani and pedi. Throw a shower where you can hire professionals to come into your home and pamper yourself and all of your gal pals. Enjoy wine, ouer d’oeuvres, conversation, and laughter.


2. Wine Tasting Shower – This shower is for the bride who loves to sip! Hire a wine pro or have a friend with serious knowledge on wines host the shower. You can pick a theme (vintage wines, wines from a favourite destination) and have those as your sample wines.


3. Pot Luck Shower – Now this is best for the bride who loves to cook and eat! You get to save a significant amount of money on the catering bill and it gets all of your guests involved. Set a theme and allow guests to bring savory or sweet dishes based on the menu that you want.


4. Tea Party Shower – This is an all time classic so it just had to make the list. Tea Party Showers can come in so many different styles, colours, and looks to reflect your personality. You can do anything from a Garden Tea Party to Londons Calling High tea, or even a Parisian tea party. The options are endless and the end result is always timeless with this one.


5. Destination Bridal Shower – Who says a bridal shower has to take place close to home? Destination showers are definitely going up in popularity. It’s a chance for a weekend far away to unwind and live that single gals fun one more time before you tie the knot!

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