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10 MUST Have Photos on Your Wedding Day!

I could come up with a list of 100 MUST have photos for your wedding day and photographs that you do not want to miss on your wedding day. For the sake of this post, I have narrowed my list down to my top ten favourite wedding photograph moments. Feel free to share with your photographer when discussing your must-have photographs.


Bridal Portrait *


Have your photographer document you as your absolute most glamorous self. A posed shot worthy of a Magazine will make you feel like the glam model you are.


Wedding Party Candids*


Portraits with your bridal party are great, but nothing can match a group shot of everyone sharing a moment of laughter and joy.


First Look Reaction *


Whether you choose to do your First Look before the ceremony or during it, a photograph of the couples reaction is priceless.


Bride and Escort Walking Down the Aisle*


If it was important enough to Bill and Chelsea Clinton, it is important enough for you!


Newly Weds Walking Back up the Aisle*


This photograph will say it all, it is your first real moment after tying the knot. Don’t miss this shot!


The First Dance (Instyle Magazine)*


Whether you have the natural grace of Dave Annable and Odette Yustman, or spent weeks in ballroom class, this photo is not to miss!


Head Table Candid*


At the head table, we cry, laugh, kiss, and pour our hearts out. Make sure your photographer knows how important it is to you, to capture these candids.


A Private Moment*


Alone at last: An (unobtrusive) photographer captured Barack and Michelle Obama in a state of tranquility.


Reception Décor*


Brides, we invest a lot in making this day memorable through the beauty of our ceremony and reception décor – you don’t want to miss a stunning shot of these details before guests enter the party.


Father-Daughter Dance*


This day is just as emotional for your father, as it is for you. This dance means the world to a father, why not make it a life long family heirloom

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